Miria’s Adoption Story

It was nice to be home yesterday. My job really takes a lot out of me physically. It was great to just hang out in bed with the dogs all day.

Having them keep me company yesterday made me reminisce about adopting Miria, so I’ve decided to make this post about her adoption.

One of the main reasons we adopted Miria was for me to have something to keep me company while I’m stuck at home. A year and a half ago, I was home all day everyday alone. I was still in school, but all of my classes were online that summer, and I was unable to drive. Michael had work from 10am-7:30pm, and this was before he’d been promoted a bunch, so he wasn’t allowed to even look at his phone while at work.

My best friend had commit suicide less than a year before, and I felt very alone.

We didn’t have much money, but we both really, really wanted a puppy. We love dogs so much. The animal shelter near us was having a sale where all dogs were $50 instead of $150, so we decided to take a look at the dogs online. I saw Miria’s picture and I immediately thought “oh my gosh she’s perfect for Michael.” Of course, I thought she was precious too, but Michael was the responsible one who had lots of rules about what we could and could not adopt, whereas I would just adopt the entire shelter if it was left up to me.

I showed Michael her picture, and he loved her. So that Saturday we drove to the shelter to check her out in person.

We took her on a walk, and she covered us in kisses. She was very well-behaved on that walk. And so we adopted Miria on June 28, 2016. We discovered later that she’s not typically such a good girl, but we didn’t care by that point. We loved her too much.

Suddenly my days were full of fun. Puppy training was such a joy. It was rough sometimes, like when she’d pee on the bed at 3AM. But I loved teaching her tricks, and I loved how quickly she picked up on the meanings of different words. She’s such a smart girl. She did take forever to learn to ask to go potty properly though. I think that took like four months of training, and then she forgot randomly in December, so we had to teach her again. Fortunately, it only took about a week for her to relearn it the second time. Initially, her way of letting us know she needed to go potty was to leap all over us and growl, and that just wasn’t going to work long term, especially since that didn’t always mean she needed to go out. Sometimes it meant she just really wanted to play.

Miria was also really sick when we adopted her. She had a pretty serious case of pneumonia. To make matters worse, the first vet we took her to cleared her for spay, when according to the vet we switched to and still see regularly, she absolutely should not have been cleared. It made her so much more sick than she already was. They should have said we needed to treat her pneumonia first. We haven’t seen that first vet since. We will definitely never go back. We hardly had any money at the time, and it took all of our savings to get her healthy again. It was terrifying to only have $10 in our bank account at one point. We love her, and we would pay anything to get her healthy again, but it was a scary and stressful time.

But everything worked out, so here we are!

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