Princess Paws

Miria is a little princess. She hates grass, especially wet grass. She will not get her paws dirty. She also won’t sit in the grass. She does this goofy half sit thing instead if we tell her to sit. It’s not quite obvious in the picture below, but that is her version of “sit” if she’s in the grass.

Miria only poops on the deck in our backyard since she hates the grass so much, so we jokingly say that she took the term “poop deck” too literally. She will pee in the grass at least. Most of the time anyway.

So, it’s been raining off and on for the past two days, and the rain has resulted in Miria having multiple accidents in the house. We definitely don’t expect her to go out in the rain. I also will not go outside when it is raining, so I understand. However, if it’s not raining, I feel like she should just deal with the wet grass. But she won’t and it’s very frustrating because she loses all her freedom privileges every time it rains. I recognize that we could train her to do this, but she gets the saddest look on her face when we try.

Seriously, look how sad she is:

I can’t make her do anything when she looks that upset about it. It feels like torturing her.

I guess we will forever have princess paw troubles.

At least she’s cute.

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  1. Max also hates wet grass and will resist efforts to make him walk on it. Currently because of paw problems he wears rubber booties and whilst he doesn’t like them either, they seem to insulate him from feeling wet grass so it’s kind of a win/lose proposition. On the other hand, he also doesn’t like bright sunshine and will always seek shady, but not wet, spot for his duties.

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