Update on the doggies

I’m having a really bad time lately. Too much pain.

Isaac and Miria are doing great though! We bought Miria a Halloween t-shirt over the weekend since her black and white striped one has become very worn out. Miria really likes t-shirts and sweaters. They make her feel safe during bad weather and when she hears lawnmowers.

Isaac chewed off her harness on Saturday. She still has a collar with her tags, but we really prefer harnesses to collars for walking puppies. They’re going to pull on the leash during training, and we don’t want them to hurt themselves. It’s not that big of a deal since she’s too afraid of the outside for us to walk her, but we will likely replace it soon anyway.

Both Isaac and Miria are little snuggle bugs. I’m not used to that at all. It’s so nice. I had two collies growing up, and neither of them wanted to be in my lap ever. If one was on the couch, and I joined them, they would immediately get down. They would snuggle each other but never any of us.

Hopefully my pain level improves. October is my favorite month. I really don’t want to spend it in bed.

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