Pumpkin Season

Miria found her stumpy toy last night. He was her favorite when she was a puppy, and it was so silly. He’s just a piece of fabric shaped like a tree stump. I think I got him for like $1 at PetsMart. But she loved him so much more than any of her other toys. She seems to still love him a lot. We played with him for a bit while Isaac played with a different toy. They’re getting better about not trying to steal the other’s toys.

I really can’t wait until I can start working part time. Work is becoming impossible with the amount of pain I’m in.

This weekend is going to be exciting though! Michael has a friend coming over, and we’re all going to decorate plastic skulls together. We also may or may not go to a pumpkin patch this weekend. We haven’t decided yet. We need to clean the house. Well, Michael needs to clean the house. I’ll do as much as I can, but my hip issues makes me pretty useless as far as chores go. I can do easy ones, like dishes and wiping down counters, but I can’t scrub floors or really deep clean anything without hurting myself.

The dogs probably will not join us for the pumpkin patch. Last year we discovered that Miria is very, very afraid of pumpkins. She had her tail between her legs and had to be carried through it the whole time we were there. We tried to take pictures with her, but she wouldn’t hold still at all. She was way too freaked out. I’d include one of those pictures, but it honestly looks like Michael is abusing her because of the way she squirmed. His arm was pressing her body to him so she couldn’t run away, but because he was doing it gently, she was able to squirm backwards, so his arm moved to her neck, so yeah, it looks like he’s choking her. He wasn’t hurting her at all but still, the pictures look bad. I’ve included a different one of Miria and Michael where Miria is calm and happy and there are no pumpkins around to scare her.

I don’t know how Isaac would feel about them. She’s even more skittish than Miria, so she probably wouldn’t like a pumpkin patch either.


  1. Funny, isn’t it, how the doggos get scared of the strangest things. They act like they will defend us to the death (and probably would try) just so long as the attacker is not a pumpkin, or an eggplant or god forbid, the garbage truck. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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