Pumpkin Photoshoot! 

Michael and I went to a pumpkin patch last weekend and picked out a pumpkin to carve. We took a cute picture too.

I decided to have a photoshoot with the dogs and the pumpkin we bought. It turns out that Miria isn’t scared if there’s only one pumpkin. She had to check it out first, of course.

Isaac tries so hard to be a good girl. She did her best to pose for her treats, and she succeeded in looking adorable.

Miria, on the other hand, growled at me the whole time. She also tried to steal the treats from my hand a few times. She still looks very cute, but she was such an angry girl that day. It was obviously my fault though. I forgot that princesses just deserve treats and shouldn’t have to work for them.

I really wanted them to pose nicely together with the pumpkin, but this was the best I got. Miria is angry in this one too. Michael said it was much less obvious that she’s growling in this one though. He thinks she just looks cute. My sister thinks this picture is scary and it that it looks like Isaac and Miria fused.

Oh yeah, I got to see my sister earlier this week! She’s still in high school and lives about two hours away, so I never get to see her. I think the last time she was here was for my birthday in July. Her tennis team had a tournament in our city, so we stopped by to say hello. This kid was literally my life for so long. I was so happy to see her.

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