I’m back! Plus some updates!

I apologize for the year-long disappearance. Depression is a thing, you guys.


Isaac is doing much better since we adopted her a year ago. She LOVES going to Petsmart. There are so many exciting smells for her to sniff there! Unfortunately, meeting my sister did not go well. We gave up quickly as Isaac was shaking and hiding and very upset. Meeting Michael’s family also went poorly. Isaac barked at them and was not interested in their treats at all. Isaac enjoys meeting new people at Petsmart–she walks right up to people there and sniffs their legs–so we really thought she’d be alright with our families. It’s okay though, we’ll keep working on it.


Miria is still a very opinionated brat, and we love her very much. She had some issues with seizures over the summer, and it really scared us, but she’s doing okay at the moment. No seizures since June. We had lots of tests done, and they couldn’t find anything wrong, so hopefully she’s fine. Oddly, she has gone from wanting to meet everyone to wanting new people to stay away from her. We’ve been surprised and confused by the change, and we aren’t quite sure if we should respect her wishes, or work with her to get her to be social again.


Human updates:

We’re moving! Maybe? Michael was offered a new job in Dallas, and it is very likely that we will be moving there in the next couple of weeks. We’ve gotten in touch with a realtor, and we’re looking for a home to rent. We’ve found some promising options. It’s all happening really fast, and we’re stressed and worried, but we’re approaching the new changes as a team! No one (me) is allowed to curl up and isolate themselves and make the other feel alone on this upcoming adventure.

I am working from home currently. I take infomercial calls. The physical strain of my job was overwhelming, and my chronic pain was worsening, and I had to give it up. It was sad, and I cried a lot, but I made the right decision. Because of my pain, I wasn’t being the best scientist I can be, and I didn’t feel comfortable continuing to be paid to hide in the bathroom. I have exciting new plans too! I’m in the process of applying to PhD programs so I can return to school and acquire a PhD in either clinical psychology or neuroscience and become a psychologist! I’m so, so excited to get back to learning about brrrrraaaaaiiiinnnnnns!!!

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