Birthday and Gotcha Day Celebrations!

This is going to be a catch up post. Miria’s birthday is unknown, but her Gotcha Day is June 28th. Isaac’s birthday is September 20 and her Gotcha Day is September 21.

For Miria’s Gotcha Day, we baked her pupcakes made with peanut butter and applesauce. She’s a very picky eater, but she definitely loved her pupcakes. Isaac enjoyed them as well. Pokemon stuffed animals attended her party. Miria received a new bow to wear on her harness as a birthday gift. She also got to go on extra walkies and on an adventure to PetsMart to pick out a new toy. Miria had a very fun day.


We let Isaac pick out which stuffed animals would attend her party. Her favorite vet toy was invited, of course, along with a fennec fox and Togepi that are not toys, but she likes to steal them from my desk. A fluffy dog stuffed animal was also invited. Isaac received a purple squeaky chipmunk toy that she adores! She’s actually playing with it right at this moment.  She had a big spoonful of peanut butter instead of pupcakes as her birthday treat. Isaac also wore a cute birthday bandanna. Isaac was confused by the festivities for the most part.


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