Pumpkin Patch 2018!

Michael, my mom, my sister and I went to a pumpkin patch together over the weekend. We had a lovely time, and we got some great pictures. Isaac and Miria did not join us because as I’ve mentioned before, Miria does not like pumpkins, and Isaac is still very timid about new places. They had their own private photoshoot with the pumpkins we purchased after we arrived at home.

I just now realized that I haven’t yet said anything about the fact that my little sister lives in town now! She’s attending school here. I’m so sad that we’re moving right when I was finally getting to see her more often… qwjfebqulbfqb I guess I’ll be back to missing her constantly in a month or so. Sigh. Maybe I can convince her to transfer to a university in Dallas…

Anyway, now for pictures. It was very windy out, so please excuse the messy hair. The first picture is of my little sister, and the second is of Michael and I with our pumpkins.

good (2)


Now for doggo pictures! Unfortunately, I was unable to get the girls to pose together, but maybe later this month I can make that happen. Isaac mostly just wanted to lick the pumpkin.


Isaac loves Michael so much. I love capturing her giving him kisses. I’m so proud of how far she’s come since we adopted her.


Miria was very unsure of the small pumpkin.

smol punkin is spicious

Miria was just having a day of unsure feelings, I guess. She doesn’t look particularly happy in the picture below either, and she normally loves being in Michael’s lap.


And I’m going to end on this silly picture of Michael and I with our tiny baby pumpkin.

good (5).JPG

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