Moving Struggles

Oh my goodness, Michael’s new job in Dallas begins October 29th, and we still don’t have anywhere to live. We will find out on Monday whether or not we’ve been approved to live at one of the places we found. So stressful.

Anyway, the girls are super stressed out because we’re super stressed out, so they need a lot more love than usual. Miria especially requires a lot of extra snuggles. She is always a picky eater, but she will refuse even her favorite foods when she’s unhappy… or when it’s raining. As such, she has hardly eaten all week. Miria has only been having one or two bites at a time sporadically throughout each day, but thankfully this morning she ate all of her breakfast.

Isaac, on the other hand, just wants to be alone. She has been hanging out by herself on the couch in our front room with her pile of toys. She likes to have all her toys in one place.

I can’t wait until we’re all settled in Dallas.

Here’s a picture of Miria being a cutie.



    1. That stuff is definitely quality product. We had all sorts of feeding issues and ultimately ended up mixing home cooked proteins, primarily chicken, and veggies with a canned product made by Blue Buffalo. Good luck!


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