Moving Struggles Part 2

We have a place to live in Dallas! It’s official!

So far, I have packed up all their toys and sweaters except for some “special” toys and Miria’s Halloween sweater. I want her to wear the sweater during the move this weekend since Dallas is a little chillier than here, and I wanted them to still have some toys to play with to keep them entertained while we finish packing the next couple of days.

Miria was extremely unhelpful during the packing process. She kept removing toys from the box, and now if we don’t keep her occupied, she’ll run off to bark at the box. Miria’s favorite elephant, her squeaky peas, and her banana guy are not packed, so it’s not like she doesn’t have options right now, but Miria just always needs everything. Here she is with her banana guy:


Isaac is still spending most of her time by herself. She doesn’t seem to mind only having a couple of toys to choose from. She has coffee with me most mornings like usual though, which makes me happy. She’s the best little coffee buddy. Don’t worry, she doesn’t get to have any coffee. She just likes to snuggle up next to me while I have mine. It’s very sweet. Below is a picture of her in the chair next to me with her little paws on my leg.



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