Getting Settled in Our New Home


Sorry it’s been a little bit–moving was exhausting. The girls are finally settling in though. Miria and Isaac were VERY anxious for much of the week, and neither would tolerate being alone. It’s understandable, of course. Moving is a big deal, especially to animals who don’t understand the change.

The new house is a two-story, and both dogs are obsessed with the stairs. They go up and down and up and down, and they’re driving me a little crazy, but I’m glad they’re having fun.

The backyard is also much larger, which is nice. I like that they have more space to explore and run around.

There’s a little cubby room under the stairs that I really, REALLY want to turn into a special dog room, but Michael is worried they’ll get territorial about it if we do that. I hope he’s wrong because it would be so cute… sigh.

Here’s Isaac sitting in the massage chair for the first time in her life on Monday. It wasn’t on. It’s not even plugged in right now. It’s just comfy, and she was having a rough day.

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