Miria is not a fan of the colder weather

Dallas is probably 8-10 degrees colder than College Station, and Miria is not feeling it. It’s about 55F in the mornings, and this was her until it hit 75F this afternoon. She’s going to be just so upset when it starts to get actually cold here…

That’s her little face all covered up by my heating pad, which she stole from me. I’m considering buying her a heating pad of her own since she’s refusing to share. Miria had her face completely buried in it earlier, but I moved the pad slightly to make sure she could breathe. I think she wants to move back to College Station now.

Isaac loves the colder air. She’s been happily playing outside every morning and evening. I really hope it snows this year so that she can play in it again like last year. Isaac really loved when it snowed in College Station last winter.

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