Miria’s Bedtime Ritual

Miria has a very strict bedtime ritual.

First, she must go outside one more time, even if she doesn’t need to go to the bathroom.

Then it’s time for a treat. She sits down by the treat cabinet until we get her one.

After that, she brings us a toy. We usually don’t play with her at night though because we’re too tired, and she’s often already had plenty of playtime during the day. Playtime never ends with Miria.

Once she’s either done playing or has given up on trying to play, it’s time for Michael’s kisses. As much as he would like to skip this step, we cannot. Miria pounces and hops on him until he lets her kiss him. Bedtime kisses are extremely important to her. The video below is a couple of years old, but you get the idea.

Isaac also likes to give kisses at night, but she’s much less insistent about it. She curls up next to us and just kisses our hands as she drifts off to sleep. Here’s a cute picture of her snuggling a toy.

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