Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was the first relaxing weekend we’ve had in forever. The past four or five weekends have been spent packing and driving between Dallas and College Station. It was so nice to not have anything besides normal errands to do. We got to play with the girls and watch Courage, The Cowardly Dog.

Miria and Isaac worked very hard all weekend to destroy the coconut in the picture below. They ripped it apart and left stuffing everywhere. Luckily, they have two more coconut toys. We bought extras since it’s such a favorite.

Miria got a bath over the weekend. She was not happy about it, but she smells so much better now. Miria hadn’t had a bath in forever since we’ve been so busy, so she was a super stinky puppy.

She pretty much lives on my heating pad since we moved here. We need to just buy her one so she’ll stop stealing mine. Her strawberry sweater is so cute on her.

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