Cheez-It Thief Miria

image1 (2).jpeg

Cheez-Its are Michael’s favorite snack. When Miria was a puppy, we tried to be really careful about not giving her human snacks since those aren’t good for doggos, but of course, a Cheez-It fell on the floor one day, and Miria has been hooked ever since.

When the Cheez-Its are out, we see the worst of Miria. Lots of jumping on us. Lots of trying to get at the box. Lots of begging and barking.

I heard lots of crazy noises while Isaac and I were downstairs doing the dishes, and I found Miria like that when I went up to investigate. If only she would be as enthusiastic as she is about Cheez-Its when it comes to her own food…

Sigh. At least she’s cute.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday last week. We had a quiet Thursday snuggling with the dogs and watching movies with pizza and french fries for dinner. I was having a rough pain day because I may or may not have played with the dogs a little too hard earlier in the week. They just love chase so much… I can’t not play with them. Oh, and the girls had puppaccinos (no idea how to spell that) to celebrate our day off from work. They were very happy puppers.

I put in a few of hours of work that day too. I was shocked at how many callers I had–nonstop orders the entire three hours that I was available. The call volume hasn’t decreased either, and I’ve been told it will be like this through Christmas. I worked extra over the weekend to try and help out, but I don’t know that I’ll be doing that again since I ended up losing my voice.



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