Coffee Buddy Isaac

All of my graduate school applications are submitted in full! I’m so excited!!

We had another very nice weekend. The Addams Family is one of our favorite TV shows, and we finally bought the box set last week, so we’ve been having a good time watching that together. I’ve also been working very hard on a Halloween-themed dollhouse. It was supposed to be finished before Halloween, but moving kind of ruined that plan. It will be done in time for Christmas though.

Isaac is sleeping at my feet as I type/answer calls right now. Miria is snuggled in a pile of blankets and the heating pad in the bedroom. She’s very cold and very grumpy about being cold.

In the mornings, I wake up and make Michael coffee and breakfast. I also pack his lunch. Sometimes I draw him a picture or write him a note for his lunch too. It depends on how much time I have. Miria doesn’t like mornings, so she stays in bed with Michael. She hates the words “keys,” “socks,” and “work” because they mean Michael is leaving, and he’s her favorite, so in her mind, he is never allowed to go anywhere. She likes to make it as difficult as possible for him to get dressed for work.

Isaac bops right out of bed with me though, and we go outside together. She often has morning zoomies, so she runs around and pulls out all her toys while I make coffee and stuff. Then we sit together at the table and have coffee. It’s really cute to see her sit at the table like a little human. She just snuggles up next to me and hangs out. Isaac is begging in the picture below because she wants some of Michael’s pancakes.

Every once in a while, Miria will be my coffee buddy instead of Isaac, but that doesn’t happen often since she’s usually very busy making Michael’s life difficult. She’s also kind of a terrible coffee buddy since she’s always trying to steal my coffee. Doggos cannot have coffee. Miria certainly doesn’t need it anyway.

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