My Halloween Dollhouse is Finished!

(Mostly) I still need to put shingles on the tower and a lot of the rooms are either empty or just a mess, but it’s basically done! Next up is a winter themed dollhouse that will have a plastic ice rink in the basement!

Isaac, who is usually an angel, discovered that she can hop from the chairs onto the kitchen counter and steal snacks last week. She can’t get back down though, so she cries until someone rescues her. It’s a real problem if I’m busy with customers on the phone… so now Isaac has to be locked in the room with me when I’m working. She also got into the laundry last week since a bunch of her toys were being washed, and she left clothes just all over the house. She was a very busy girl.

Here she is, trapped and very upset on the counter:

Miria has a new Christmas sweater that I think is pretty cute on her. She was being such a sweetheart yesterday–she snuggled in my lap all day. It was so cute.

Here are some more pictures of the dollhouse I built:

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