Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m so sorry for the delay between posts! I hope everyone has been having a lovely holiday season!

Winter is kind of difficult for me. I would really only get to spend time with my friend during her winter breaks since she wasn’t homeschooled like me. Even after I went off to college, winter break was still when we’d spend the most time together. I know it’s been three years since she took her life, but I still very much so associate this time of year with her. My brain still does the thing where it’s like “you need to text her and see when she can hang out,” and that always hurts. Plus, her birthday would be tomorrow. So yeah. I’m sad. I miss her.

Anywayyyyyyy, Isaac and Miria are as cute as ever. Miria got a booboo, so she’s been naked while we wait for it to heal. She was jumping all over Michael when he arrived home from work just like she always does, and she somehow got so tangled in her harness that we determined we wouldn’t be able to get it off of her without hurting her and had to cut the harness off. The whole episode couldn’t have taken more than ten minutes total, but in that short amount of time, the piece that was stuck rubbed her front left underarm raw. She doesn’t like being naked at all, but it’s almost completely better, so she can start wearing her sweaters and things again by this weekend.

Naked Miria:

Miria when Michael gets home from work:

Isaac doesn’t get into trouble like Miria. She has a new squirrel toy that she absolutely adores, and it’s very cute. I don’t think she’s done anything of note recently. Isaac really just cuddles or plays with her toys all day. She quit climbing on the counter now that I’ve moved all the chairs away from it, and she hasn’t made a mess of the laundry again. Oh, and I took some cute pictures of her:

We didn’t really do anything for Christmas. We’re going to see my family on January 5th, and if we have time that day, we’re going to take flowers to my friend’s grave for her birthday. Michael is sawing a bunch of wood for the dollhouse I’m working on right now. The house feels very weak, so he is making extra supports for it so it won’t collapse on itself. I’m interested in what others think of the Greenleaf kits. I’ve built six of them so far, and none of them have been a fun experience. I’ve had much better results with kits I bought from random shops on Etsy. I would love to know if I’m just doing something wrong. Greenleaf seems pretty popular, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I was just being dumb.

Happy New Year!

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