Clay puppies!

Sorry for another very delayed post. I hate January. And February too. But I’ll try to do better with posting in February.

I’ve been working with clay lately. I’ve never used clay before a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty fun. I made a clay Isaac and a clay Miria. Isaac tasted hers, of course. They turned out pretty okay for first tries.

Miria was an angel for my family. Michael and I were amazed. She didn’t launch her body at anyone. She didn’t unexpectedly pounce or knock anyone over. We are very proud of her

Isaac didn’t meet them. She’s better at meeting people, but it still really needs to be one at a time for her to be comfortable. Not five. She loves the toys they brought as Christmas presents though.

I don’t think much has been going on. There’s a cat that keeps showing up in our backyard, and Miria haaaates cats. She gets so angry. The cat loves tormenting her too. The cat sits on the fence where Miria can’t do anything and it just watches her as she leaps and barks and growls at it. Isaac lived with cats at her foster home as a puppy, so she doesn’t mind it at all.

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