Patchwork is our favorite board game. Michael initially didn’t want to buy it because he didn’t think it sounded fun. I only wanted it because I think the pieces are really cute, but he ended buying it instead of Dominion at the time anyway. We purchased Dominion a few months later, but Patchwork is actually still Michael’s preferred game. He loves to strategize and get that 7×7 piece, and I still just love the pretty game pieces.

Miria, however, hates when we play any games that don’t involve her. Below is a picture of her after she was asked to stop pawing the game boards to knock all the pieces off. She especially likes to steal the little wooden pieces. That side-eye. We don’t try to play in the bed anymore. I think we should get the expanded Patchwork game and let her have her own board. Miria would probably love that.


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