Rainy Weekend

It rained a ton over the weekend, so we were all stuck inside. Isaac still got to have her morning zoomies. She loves playing with her toys in the mornings. It’s an important part of her routine, and she’ll get kind of cranky if she can’t find a toy.

I think Miria was frustrated. We were having a lot of trouble getting her to settle down at night. She’s much happier now that the sun is back. She’s been hanging out outside most of the day.

Both Isaac and Miria do really well with storms. They prefer to be in our laps during them, but they don’t panic or anything. Isaac hates car honks and other loud car sounds and becomes very alert/scared if she hears them, but storms don’t bother her. Miria goes into shaking panic mode when the lawn people are here, which is hard. My instinct is always to try and get her to be in my lap, but she just wants to hide. Miria doesn’t care about thunder though.

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