Miria and the Bugs


I don’t know if anyone else has ever dealt with this, but Miria has adopted this new habit of begging to go outside around midnight. Then she just sits on the deck and watches the cicadas (I think they’re cicadas. I don’t know my bugs though.) buzz around in the dirt. I know that making her sleep in her cage would solve this problem, but she just loves to be in the big bed so much. She gets sad puppy ears when we make her sleep in her cage. So I can’t cage her. But this is not a fun activity for me. I’ve been really tired lately from our midnight bug adventures.

Miria seems very interested in them. She doesn’t try to eat them or anything. She just observes. I’m not sure when she quit trying to eat bugs. That was definitely an issue when she was a pupperino. Bugs and frogs and one time, a baby chick. I haven’t seen her put a critter in her mouth in a long time though. I don’t know what this cicada thing is about. Her vet suggested that she could be afraid of them and actually needs to do her business, but when I put her leash on her and take her out to the front where there are no interesting bugs, she doesn’t do anything. She just begs to be taken to the backyard and returns to observing her bugs. Maybe she wants be an entomologist?

I should just cage her… I think we let her make too many of her own decisions.

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