My name is Cate. I have a fiancé named Michael. Our main goal in life is to become stay at home dog parents. We super love dogs. If we ever become rich (unlikely), we are buying a farm and adopting a billion dogs. I believe in us. We can make our dream come true.

Our other hobbies include gaming, building dollhouses, buying books, playing with Hot Wheels, having too much caffeine, eating candy, watching cartoons, and basically just not acting like adults.

We have jobs. I currently work from home taking infomercial sales. I’m not a good salesperson. I’m timid and quiet, and I always take no for an answer. But one of my most recent customers said that I’m delightful! …I just thought everyone should know that. Anyways, Michael does coding and data analysis, and he is a cutie. He’s also my bestest buddy. I have a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences, and next year, I’ll be returning to school to get a PhD. I plan on becoming a therapist after all that.

This blog is dedicated to the antics of our two dogs, Isaac and Miria. They’re both girls. Miria is a mostly white Jack Russell terrier mix, and she’s a bratty queen. Isaac is a mostly brown corgi terrier mix, and she’s a snuggly sweetheart. We love them very much. The picture below was taken the very first time they ever snuggled each other! I was overly excited. I just wanted them to love each other so much.


Below: Cate and Michael 2018